2017 Oldham Arts on CityPlace entry form.

2016 Oldham Arts on CityPlace

Best in Show was Ann Klem

The “Ice Story” Story

It starts with theft.  That’s right, theft. 

You see, in Kentucky, we get good icicles only a few times a winter.  The best ones form where highway engineers have cut away the side of a hill to put in a road.  This exposes layers of earth and the passageways that water seeps through.  With a bit of rain, freezing, more moisture, more freezing, the best, longest and fiercest icicles form.

So, the first step in the process is to steal some of these magnificent icicles.  Bring your cooler and hammer and be quick!

Then they either go into the freezer for a while or directly to the studio where they get encased in wax. This produces a shape that can be filled with glass.

A plaster and silica mold goes into the holes where the icicles have melted away and then around the overall wax shape.

Steaming removes the wax, and, once dry, the mold is ready to receive glass.

The cold mold and cold glass go into the kiln together.  Firing slowly to around 1700 degrees and holding at this temperature for hours allows the glass to flow into the shape that the wax used to fill.

Days later, after a very slow cool down, the mold and glass form come out of the kiln.  The mold gets removed and the glass shape gets ground and polished.   Voila, an “Ice Story” sculpture
is created!

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